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What IS Muay Thai?

Muay Thai translates to “Thai Boxing.” It’s different than other forms of martial arts because it allows you to use additional strikes (in addition to punching, you can also kick, knee and elbow). Typically, if you are interested in the practice, you can visit a traditional Muay Thai fight gym. For the first time, Muay Thai is available in a group class in a boutique fitness setting. Instead of sparring with a partner or pad work with a personal trainer, you can #BeatUpBishop at Hit House: a softer, low-impact heavy bag created by the studio’s owner and Century Martial Arts to eliminate swing back, injury and bruising. Each class is 50 minutes long, including a warm-up, introduction to strikes, multiple combinations, abs, and a cool-down, set to curated, custom playlists. This class is good for all levels. As one class members said, “Learn a new skill and get a damn good sweat.” If you have any questions or want to check us out, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail!

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