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Is it your first time at Hit House? Come experience our workouts for $20. 


COMBOS & POWER BAGS: A 45-minute open-level group class consisting of rounds of striking combinations on our heavy bag Bishop + functional strength training using a sand-filled Power Bag (aka a soft kettlebell).

KICKBOXING COMBOS: 45-minute all-levels group class of non-stop rounds of combinations on Bishop. Punches, kicks, knees, elbows + abs.




Each heavy bag is spaced 7 feet apart.

The studio floor is cleaned & disinfected after every session [as always]. Each bag is individually sanitized after every use [as always].

All surfaces have been treated with Permasafe surface & air sanitation system.

HVAC/ERV unit brings clean, fresh air from outside into the studio on a continuous cycle while simultaneously removing stale air.
Hospital-grade HEPA filters [MERV-13] have been placed in all heating/cooling systems & HVAC units.

As per NYC regulations, we no longer require proof of VAX or masks.

Masks are optional.

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