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Let’s kick it.

The title of this post is misleading because my new favorite boxing studio doesn’t offer just any old boxing class.





Gone are the days of using just your two fists. At Hit House, you’re getting a total body boxing workout incorporating your elbows, knees, feet and shins. That’s because Hit House specializes in Muay Thai kickboxing and it’s honestly one of the best workouts I’ve ever done!

People know that I absolutely love to box, and I often find myself answering, “what’s your favorite studio?”

Well, I’m excited to talk to you all about Hit House, so keep reading for all of the details!


Let’s start with the studio. I’m blown away each time I walk down the steps and into the Hit House studio. It’s bright, open, and super sleek between the wood, exposed brick and greenery. (Seriously, can you guys just come design my next apartment, thanks.) It also boasts an incredibly welcoming atmosphere, which I think is super important for anyone trying a new studio. Boxing studios in particular can feel extra intimidating for a newcomer, and at Hit House you’ll find the complete opposite. I think a lot of that has to to with the owners. Tyler and Dana, are two of the nicest, most energizing people I’ve ever met and they make coming into Hit House a fun experience. (And I’m not just saying that because we share the same name, even though that’s obviously a fun bonus and I’m biased)


If the studio hasn’t sold you yet, the workout will. Muay Thai on it’s own is a fun, high-intensity athletic workout. Practice it on Hit House’s ‘Bishop’ bags and you’re guaranteed to have a completely unique fitness experience. Gone are the days of dealing with swinging bags and sore limbs because these guys are filled with soft foam and covered with matte vinyl, allowing for low-impact blows. They’re height adjustable, and mounted on floor to ceiling poles, so you can go HAM without a single worry (or excuse!!) I also love how the shape of the Bishop actually gives you a “head” to focus on and a ledge for nailing those upper cuts.

The class starts with an easy-paced warm-up usually consisting of jumping jacks, high knees, and a few other moves to help you loosen up. Then, the gloves come on, the correct form is demo’d and practiced, and the fight begins. (Did you know you actually stand FACING the bag? Nope me neither, so make sure you listen up!) The quick transition right into kickboxing is one of the best aspects of the Hit House workout. I absolutely hate going to a boxing gym and getting burned out with burpees, squat jumps, push-ups, and the likes before I even get to the sole reason I showed up for the class. Sure, strength training is great, but I go to boxing classes to FIGHT and at Hit House you’ll find 10 rounds of straight kickboxing separated by a few minutes of ab work. Not only does this format make the workout more fun, but it allows you to pour every ounce of your energy into your punches and kicks.

I also mentioned feet, knees, and elbows earlier. What’s that all about? Well, once the combination round start, you’ll throw your standard jab, cross, upper-cuts, and hooks, but you’ll also incorporate push kicks with your feet, your knees, and kicks to the “body and head.” Tyler’s class is my absolute favorite because of the challenging combinations mixing together all of the different moves. Your sweat droplets will literally have sweat droplets after a 50-minute class with him. He’ll make sure your form is on point, too, which is super important when you’re trying to swing your legs through the air. Aside from a sole CKO class a few months ago, I haven’t kickboxed in years. That coupled with my horrifically poor flexibility made my first Hit House class a challenge, despite being my favorite part of the workout! Fast forward a few classes later and I’d say I’ve made a lot of progress (OK, I still struggle with what my arms should be doing when I’m trying to do a switch kick SUE ME.) Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro, they’ll meet you exactly where you are with your skill level!


This class is taken barefoot! The studio floor is almost like a huge mat in that it’s soft and super comfortable to jump around on.

They offer tons of fun class perks. This summer Hit House offered classes on the Arlo hotel rooftops, which I unfortunately didn’t make it to. They also offered “bring a friend” sessions throughout the summer, and provided coffee from Blue Stone Lane after some morning sessions. You’ll have to keep an eye on their schedule and Instagram to see what they’ll be up to next!

You’ll never have to worry about showers or forgetting your moisturizer at home. Hit House has a BEAUTIFUL bathroom complete with three showers, a steamer, and tons of products from dry shampoo to moisturizer to make sure you can get ready with ease.

They have one of the fairest cancellation policies around. I DON’T SUGGEST CANCELLING A SPOT IN A CLASS, but hey, life happens sometimes. You can cancel up to 6 hours before without penalty.

If you haven’t tried Hit House, I hope it’s on your radar now! Make sure you check out their schedule here and give them a follow on IG to stay up to date with happenings! They’re also on ClassPass!

This article originally appeared on The Dana Diaries, here:

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