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Sweaty Saturday: Fight Series at RYU

Instructors and fighters Justin Ng and Raquel Harris hosted a Muay Thai bootcamp on March 9th as part of RYU's Sweaty Saturday series. For the entire month of March, RYU's Williamsburg location offered complimentary "Fight Camp" workouts to their community.

"The role of RYU is to respect individuality, the unique person inside the tech apparel we create. It is knowing at our core that we are all connected and that it’s our differences that make us extraordinary. Through that, we have developed a social community that helps enhance all elements that create your universe." - #RespectYourUniverse

The role of Hit House instructors was to provide the sweatiest of Saturday mornings! Missed this workout? Check back for the next in-store class: complimentary cardio, hydration from Harmless Harvest, sweaty selfies from Samsung and a post-workout shopping discount.

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