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The Pursuit: Brands We Love

If you aren't familiar with Muay Thai take five minutes and Google it. Originating from (you guessed it) Thailand, Muay Thai is, simply put, Thai boxing. Considered the "art of eight limbs", it's a true full-body workout. You'll use your upper body, lower body, and core throughout the entire workout and we mean entire. Punch, kick, knee, elbow in various combinations make it an intense form of cardio that improves muscle tone and has numerous other health benefits. Where do we sign up?

Enter Hit House. Open for just over a year and located in Nolita in NYC, their goal is to introduce this fun, challenging sport to a broader audience and teach this skill to people that wouldn't typically try a fight gym. It's the ideal blend of boutique fitness and Muay Thai.

Stepping into the Hit House studio you're greeted with elements of Thailand, luxury amenities, and a workout that will not leave you wanting. Each class is 50 minutes and during that time, you're taught proper technique and then taken through eight grueling three-minute rounds of a full body workout. Each workout is centered around their patented "Bishop" bag, a bag designed by founder and veteran fighter Tyler Scott. What makes it so special? No swing back and no bruising. Attached floor to ceiling, the dense foam body of the bag creates a low-impact experience with high reaching results. All instructors are traditional Muay Thai fight experience and training, giving you an authentic experience each time you set foot in the studio. So no matter your skill level, whether you are just getting started or Muay Thai is your jam, there's a spot for you here.

To sign up for classes click here or check out their Instagram stories for the daily class schedule.

This article originally appeared on Rhone's The Pursuit blog, under Progress: Brands We Love.

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