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Did you know that exercising can benefit your skin just as much as it does the rest of your body? It’s true: getting in some time on the bike, on the mat, or on the bag at Hit House can help regulate important hormones that keep you glowing. Consistent exercise helps to create a healthy balance of collagen and cortisol, keeping your skin resilient and supple while protecting it against wrinkles.

But if you want to get all of these benefits, it’s important to have a good post-workout skincare routine! Otherwise, debris and bacteria from sweat and equipment can clog your pores. Let’s chat about three key steps from Skin Spa New York that you can incorporate into your own post-workout skincare routine. 1. Wash your face. This one seems obvious, but it bears repeating: wash your face ASAP after exercising. This is super important even if you don’t wear makeup, because cleansing the face post-workout helps to get all kinds of harmful stuff off your skin. Washing your face can also cool your skin down, helping to prevent the breaking of blood vessels. For a great cleanse post-workout, try the Thom Elzner Hydrating Cleanser. Ideal for multiple skin types, this cleanser is lightweight, doesn’t strip the skin, and is infused with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration. Other great ingredients to look for in a post-workout cleanser are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Another helpful cleansing tip: be mindful of how you wash your face. It’s important to be as gentle as possible with your skin when it’s in this delicate state. Stay away from harsh exfoliants and instead pair your gentle cleanser with a soothing serum. The Thom Elzner Daily Super Serum contains a revitalizing formula of hydrating compounds, which kickstart crucial processes that help your skin feel rejuvenated. The result? A firm, plump, and protected canvas that’s glowing from the inside out. Lastly, if you find yourself post-workout without a cleanser on hand, give your skin a quick splash of cool water to balance the harshness and heat your skin is exposed to while exercising.

2. Tone it up! While our workout commutes have probably gotten a bit...ahem...simpler for the time being (#tbt outdoor shadowboxing with Hit House in the summer), it’s still awesome to have a product in our toolkit that’s easy to use on the go. Toning pads are a simple and effective way to remove excess dirt and oil. In addition to getting rid of makeup and layers of sweat on your face, use them on the back of your neck and on your chest to protect the other places where sweat tends to gather post-workout. Dr. Rita Linker, a dermatologist at Spring Street Dermatology (Hit House’s neighbor, yay Nolita!) recommends finding pads with salicylic acid, especially if you have oily skin. Our faves are the Tom Elzner Complexion Treatment Pads, which contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and soothing aloe leaf extract, which help your skin to stay protected and feel balanced.

3. Don’t skimp on moisturizer. It might surprise you to find out that sweat doesn’t provide your skin with the moisture that it needs. In fact, after a workout, you should be extra generous with your moisturizer in order to replace the water that was depleted while exercising. Thom Elzner’s Daily Repair Moisturizer is a great option. This smooth and silky cream balances skin, calms down redness and irritation, and boosts cellular regeneration. With this stuff in your routine, you can expect to glow.

Taking some time to give your skin a little extra love after exercising will help you achieve a full body glow up and give you some well-deserved pampering. After a hard workout and an even harder year, you deserve it! Maggie Norsworthy is a writer, editor, and writing coach based in Jersey City. Her favorite exercise is running and her favorite color is orange. Find out more at

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