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4 workouts to try that will get you into great shape both physically and mentally

by Meredith Lepore for Ladders on October 12, 2021

As the weather starts to turn colder and darkness creeps into our workday earlier and earlier, motivating oneself to work out can be quite difficult.

But besides the physical benefits of exercise such as jump-starting your metabolism, it also helps to clear your mind. It is just a great way to have a moment to yourself whether it is a run or yoga. Research, published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, found that “on exercise days, people’s mood significantly improved after exercising. Mood stayed about the same on days they didn’t, with the exception of people’s sense of calm, which deteriorated.”

But which workouts are the best depending if one day you really want to relieve stress but maybe one day you want to focus more on building strength? Ladders took a look at some of the new most popular workouts and tried them out so you didn’t have to.

If you want to burn a lot of calories…

Of course the intention of most workouts is to burn calories but an especially fun one is kickboxing. And Hit House is a new kickboxing studio workout that is great for all levels, from professional fighters to someone that’s never thrown a punch before.

So how does it work? Tyler Scott, the co-founder of Hit House, invented and patented the striking bag used in class. The bag, nicknamed Bishop, is connected floor to ceiling and is filled with a dense foam, which creates a low-impact striking experience, absorbs punches, kicks, knees and elbows, eliminates swingback and decreases injury and bruising.

“Bishop allows Hit House to offer Muay Thai to guests of all skill sets, fitness levels and ages. The class format at Hit House is programmed to teach the basics of all the strikes during the warm up of class. While you are warming up and getting loose, you are also learning and improving striking fundamentals and technique,” he told Ladders. “Consistently practicing your strikes and endurance is the best way to get better at any sport, with kickboxing being no exception. Find a day and time of the week that works best for your schedule. There’s no ‘wrong’ time to workout when it comes to kickboxing: start your day feeling energized, awake and warm or end your day by letting out all of the tension, stress and workload during a striking session!”

The brand is currently based in New York City and expanding to multiple studios within the city.


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