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5 Budget-Friendly Secrets for Staying Healthy in Self-Isolation

Written by Stephanie Haywood, of

Are you suffering from the COVID-19 blues? Well you’re definitely not alone! Months at home have made pretty much everyone a little fluffier these days. Not to mention all of the added stress of dealing with a global pandemic!

If you’ve failed to stick to your healthy habits, try not to be so hard on yourself. But when you are ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle, know that you can use these budget-friendly and safe tips to clean up your act and get back into shape right at home.

Raid Your Pantry to Prepare Cheap & Healthy Meals

If you’re like most folks, you may have stocked up on canned and boxed goods at the beginning of the pandemic. So instead of risking a trip to the grocery store, why not find wholesome recipes that will let you put those pantry staples to good use? From legume quesadillas to sandwiches to spinach tortellini soup, there are endless ways to combine random ingredients from your kitchen into delicious and nutritious meals your entire family will enjoy. You can even use these ingredients for a weekly meal prep, which will make eating healthy budget-friendly and simple.

Stock Your Kitchen With Helpful Tools & Appliances

Preparing meals ahead of time and using pantry staples can help you save money and maintain a healthy diet. But if you’re really short on time, you may need a few extra tools in your arsenal in order to stick to a nutritious eating plan. For instance, investing in an Instant Pot will give you a quick and easy way to whip up healthy meals in a matter of minutes. You can usually find deals on Instant Pots but if you are looking for an even cheaper way to improve your eating habits, you can also pick up an inexpensive kitchen scale so that you can measure portions.

Start Growing Your Very Own Victory Garden

If you want to have fresh ingredients to add to your meal prep and Instant Pot meals, use your time in lockdown to start a victory garden. Popular during WWII, these edible gardens have made a comeback in recent months, with more people eager to grow their own food at home. Seeds and plants are already fairly inexpensive but if you really want to maximize your budget, you can also try growing veggies, herbs and even fruits using your scraps and leftovers.

Order Your Health & Fitness Gear Online

Okay, so most gyms have limitations for the time being, but getting enough exercise is essential for staying healthy. Luckily, you can find tons of free and low-cost workouts online right now but you may need to pick up some new gear and equipment to follow along with them. To keep these items from putting a major dent in your budget, check for promo codes, discounts and even cashback offers from your favorites sports retailers, like these Nike coupons from Rakuten.

Mix Up Your Fitness Routine With New Workouts

While you’re checking out those online classes, don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and try something new, including Muay Thai kickboxing. This high-paced workout can help you burn a ton of calories, all while helping you improve your coordination and mobility. Practicing all of those kicks and punches in Muay Thai can be an excellent stress reliever as well, which can be perfect during these uncertain times. As restrictions on gyms are lifted, you can further your Muay Thai abilities by enrolling in classes at Hit House—and in the meantime, check out their virtual and outdoor workouts!

Look, we’re all taking it day by day right now. So if you’ve picked up some unhealthy habits, try not to worry too much. With a few tweaks to your diet and fitness routines, and some money-saving tricks, you can kiss those problems goodbye and get back to a healthier and happier you. Plus, you can do all of this from the safety of your own home!

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