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Beaches Love Us: ZEN WTR at Hit House

On Saturday, September 10th ZenWTR treated us to complementary bottles of water during all four of our Muay Thai kickboxing classes. The sampling team at ZenWTR gifted workout challenge winners with swag, including yoga mats and t-shirts.

Founded by serial beverage entrepreneur Lance Collins, ZenWTR is the world's first and only beverage in a bottle made from 100% recycled, certified, ocean-bound plastic, delivering crisp, clean, vapor-distilled, alkaline hydration, while actively helping to prevent ocean pollution. ZenWTR launched in 2020 and is on track to achieve its mission of rescuing 50 million pounds of ocean-bound plastic by 2025. Every 1L bottle of ZenWTR is made using up to 5 certified ocean-bound plastic bottles, preventing them from reaching and polluting our oceans.

Additionally, 1% of the company's total sales directly supports charities and organizations* dedicated to protecting the world's oceans and marine environments, as well as recycling education and advocacy.

To date, ZenWTR has been recognized with Business Intelligence Group's 2020 Sustainable Company of the Year Award and 2021 BIG Award for Green Product of the Year, the 2020 SEAL Environmental Initiative Award, and BevNET's Best of 2020 Award for Best Packaging Design and in 2022, became the world's first beverage to be Certified Plastic Negative.

Learn more about their recycling process (the plastic bottles are made of plastic found on Thai beaches!) and their local beach clean up efforts.

A huge thank you to the team at ZenWTR and the supportive Hit House community that joined the September beach clean up events on Long Island!


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