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Feeling Cheeky?

No need to get your panties in a twist. We spoke to professionals about the best underwear for working out.

When getting dressed for a workout, most women face a universal struggle — the dreaded panty line. Many fitness instructors opt out of wearing underwear altogether in order to avoid this situation. Cameron Norsworthy of [solidcore] explains, “Typically, I just skip wearing underwear with leggings. I don't like distracting lines or wrinkles when, let's face it, I've got a class full of people who are looking at my body for form cues.”

We all want to feel confident and comfortable during our workouts whether we’re ditching our panties completely or not. Obvious panty lines are not only an issue aesthetically, but also could point to an actual problem about the underwear you are currently working out in. According to ELLE, exercising in the wrong type of underwear, namely garments that do not breathe or get bunched up easily, can lead to health issues like yeast infections, UTI’s, and more.

Many women also struggle when searching for the right sports bra to exercise in. Do you need underwire or not? What type of fabric will keep you the most comfortable and is best for your skin? How much padding is necessary to prevent extreme nipping (or should you just #freethenip?). It’s hard to feel fully educated in your quest for the perfect sports bra.

“When it comes to teaching and training, the last very last thing I want to be focusing on is how well my underwear is or isn’t fitting,” says former Olympian boxer and Hit House instructor, Jennifer Dugwen Chieng.

No need to worry and get your panties all in a bunch over this! Hit House, a Muay Thai fitness studio, has partnered with New York City based lingerie company, Sugar Cookies, to provide you with some recommendations that will keep you comfortable, healthy, supported, and panty line free during your next workout.

Sugar Cookies NYC emphasizes breathable and moisture-wicking quality fabrics in their workout undergarments. According to Dr. Jill Rabin, MD, who did an interview with Cosmopolitan on a similar topic, “Sexy fabrics can be suffocating. Artificial materials like nylon are commonly used in lingerie, and they can trap moisture, preventing air from circulating.” And we all know that leads to a yeast infection… Not fun.

According to Susanne Alvarado, owner of Sugar Cookies NYC, “For underwear, the less stitching you have will not only give you more comfort but will eliminate any visible panty lines. Some of our best sellers include Commando, Hanky Panky and Chantelle. Commando has great 4 way stretch material that is extremely breathable and fast drying. Some of their pieces (like the Control Top Thong) offer a bit of compression as well.”

All of these items are made with lightweight microfiber material, meaning they pull away moisture, are quick and easy to wash, are seamless, and are ultra breathable. Check out some of the most popular styles below:

On a less cheeky note, finding a sports bra to accommodate your fitness needs can also be a difficult task. As Raquel Harris, an instructor at Hit House, laments, “I wish I could workout in my normal bra, but the only thing that should be jumping up and down in the gym is my feet…” When looking for the perfect sports bra it’s important to consider how much support you need, comfort level, and breathability.

If you’re looking for a more supportive bra for high impact activity, like Muay Thai, Sugar Cookies NYC recommends the Anita Air Control Sports Bra.

The incredibly lightweight mesh fabric ensures breathability, style, and support.

If you don’t want to sacrifice support, but are looking for a bra with a little more pizazz, check out the Graffinis Concrete & Jungles Crop Top. This versatile top/bra can be worn as a “shirt” in a workout class, under your exercise top, or even as a fashionable crop top for everyday life.

Sugar Cookies NYC also offers comfortable options on the sexier side, for your post workout needs. Susanne shares, “It is nice to reward yourself once in a while with something to wear when you're not in the gym. One of our favorites this season comes from Aubade’s Inconnue Collection.

We’re absolutely enamored with the colors and fit of this collection and it adds the perfect feminine touch to all spinning, kicking and punching you’ve been putting in at the gym lately.” Cosabella and Hanky Panky also offer several tasteful options for after workout hours.

To help you find the perfect pair, follow this secret Hit House link for 10% off your purchase of these select items.

Emma Boelter graduated from Tulane University with a BA in English in 2017. Although she has writing experience in many different areas, right now she is focusing on providing clients with high-quality digital material. She currently lives in New York City and works as a freelance writer for INSIDER, a blog specialist for the Brooklyn Kitchen, and is taking on new projects.

Sugar Cookies Lingerie is located at 122 w 20th Street.


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