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Fight Club: Luxury Boxing Gyms That Pack a Powerful Punch

These five luxury gyms include a New York City-based boutique studio with its own made-to-order coffee bar and an exclusive women’s-only studio.

Boutique boxing studios have become one of the fitness industry’s latest trends. The high-adrenaline sport has gone from a dark, dingy basement a la the David Fincher film Fight Club to well-lit, amenity-packed luxury fitness gyms. We have garnered five studios that showcase the best of the sport, including a New York City location with its own made-to-order coffee bar to a women’s-only studio franchise from Arizona. So, along with incorporating everyday wellness habits into your life, like a plant-forward diet and a dreamy mattress to get the best sleep, consider joining a local boxing studio to get your body in the best shape if its life. Now, slip on a pair of gloves, wait for the music to come on and be prepared for a sweat-drenched, intense boxing session designed to work every muscle.

Hit House | New York Located on Spring Street and Bowery, Hit House is a Muay Thai studio in Manhattan’s NoLita neighborhood. In case you’re not familiar, Muay Thai translates to “Thai Boxing” and is, you guessed it, Thailand’s traditional martial art in a luxury gym. The difference between this and traditional boxing? Besides just punching, you also can kick, knee and elbow according to Hit House.

But don’t worry about becoming a cold-hearted boxer. The boutique luxury gym in NYC slogan says it all: “Be a Lover and a Fighter.” Hit House offers a private studio, showers and a gorgeous main brick-walled gym. Before class, slip off your shoes (you can wear socks if you like), don your gloves and hand wraps (available for purchase and rent) and fill up your water bottle. Hit House even provides a chilled and filtered water station. One highlight here? “The Bishop” is their hybrid heavy-bag/fight-dummy designed exclusively for Hit House that students strike all during class. It connects from floor-to-ceiling, is filled with soft foam and is covered in a matte vinyl—meaning that you won’t bruise, and it won’t hurt to strike the bag.

The 50-minute class starts with an active warm up, and then an instructor will teach you how to properly execute jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, kicks, knees and elbows. You’ll then perform combinations of these moves that you’ll work on throughout class in this luxury gym. During class, the instructor will assist and push you, and class will end with a stretch. You should expect improved gains in your cardio, strength and striking.


June 24, 2020

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