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National Pizza Day: Best Local Slice

We take our strikes & slices very seriously. 🍕💥

In anticipation of #NationalPizzaDay (February 9th, a national holiday), we asked the Hit House community for their favorite pizza in the area. Here’s what they said ⤵️ [17 Cleveland]

@joeandpatsnyc [168 1st Ave]

@lilfrankies [19 1st Ave]

@nolitapizzanyc [68 Kenmare]

@pasqualejones [187 Mulberry Street]

@psp_nyc [27 Prince Street]

@rubirosa_nyc [235 Mulberry Street]

@saucepizzerianyc [84 Rivington]

@scarrspizza [173 Orchard Street]

@upsidepizza [51 Spring Street]

@zazzyspizza [84 Rivington]

PS, #loversandfighters: Zazzy’s is teaming up with @sliceouthunger & donating at least 10 pies to local shelters & foster homes. #pizza4good

Did we miss YOUR favorite pizza place? Let us know! ⤵️

A huge, greasy thank you to everyone who shared their slice recommendations. 🤤

Also, yes, #PrinceStreetPizza was submitted MANY, MANY times.


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