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Setting Up a Martial Arts Room at Home: Expert’s Advice

February 10, 2023

While many people think of martial arts as flying kicks, ultra-fast punches, and super-high jumps, they are really a lot more than that. Martial arts are not only combat styles or self-defense techniques; they are disciplines for the mind, the spirit, and the body.

Practicing martial arts can come along with a long list of benefits, like more disciplined habits, a more positive mindset, conflict resolution knowledge, stress relief, and a more active life, among other benefits.

We contacted a group of experts in different martial arts styles and asked them to share with us tips and advice on the best ways to set up a space at home to get started with martial arts, as well as ideas on how to train solo at home. This is what they answered:

What kind of equipment do I need to set up for doing Kickboxing drills at home?

To warm up, you should have a jump rope (which requires an even floor and a high ceiling). I recommended Punk Rope, as they offer ropes for multiple heights.

For shadowboxing, although not necessary, it can be helpful to have a mirror and a set of light hand weights (anywhere from 1 to 4 pounds).

Ideally, your home gym has space for a heavy bag. Century Martial Arts offers freestanding bags that are easy to set up and require no installation.

In your home gym, you’ll want a smooth mat floor so you can kick barefoot, like Dollamur’s Flexi-Connect mats (which are perfect for home installation).

Dana VanPamelen Co-Owner Hit House

What is the essential Muay Thai equipment we need to practice at home?

A great way to train Muay Thai at home is to work with a partner. Pad work allows you to practice dynamic striking combinations and drill them to perfection. Focus Focus mitts have a smaller surface and are ideal drilling punches. Muay Thai kick pads offer the larger striking surface necessary for training kicks, knees, elbows. Thai pads also provide the pad holder with extra forearm support to take on those heavy blows. Both styles of pads have their strengths, but hybrid mitts will bring you the best of both worlds. These use a focus mitts style hand compartment with a longer striking surface and support for the wearer’s forearm. This style of pad gives you the option to train precision and power in one.

If you don’t have a training partner, the heavy bag is a beautiful option. A long heavy bag, like the 6 foot Fairtex Banana Bag, is a versatile piece of training equipment that’s perfect for any home gym. A punching bag that’s heavy enough for push kicks and long enough to train low kicks, plus everything in between.

Either way you chose to train, you’ll need a great pair of gloves. Brands like Twins Special, Fairtex, and Top King offer a great balance of knuckle padding and wrist support for Muay Thai.

The final, most underrated piece of equipment that any Muay Thai fighter can use to put in the work at home is a traditional style Muay Thai skipping rope. Much heavier than speed ropes, Thai style ropes simultaneously build coordination, stamina, and upper body strength.

At Porch we do our best to bring you the best tips to improve your lifestyle. We really enjoyed the making of this article and want to thank you for taking the time to read it. We thank all the experts who participated in this round-up for sharing their valuable tips and knowledge with us. David is part of the Content Marketing Team at Porch. He has an operatic singing background and is passionate about music, food, and gong-fu style tea.

All photographs used with permission from Pexels.


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