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Small Businesses to Support in Chinatown:

Last week, we asked our Hit House community what small businesses in Chinatown mean the most to them. This is what they said [prepare to 🤤]:

• @bambunyc.chinatown [a national chain, but the Hester Street location is run by the most cheerful, sweet staff: authentic, delicious Vietnamese che]

• @goldendinerny [try a creamy makgeolli horchata — you can thank us later]

• @kopitiamnyc [Malaysian restaurant: @itsreginapo can discuss each detail in drool-worthy detail 😉]

• Great New York Noodletown Chinese Restaurant [pan-friend noodles so good they don’t even need an Instagram account 😂]

• @pinkladycheesetart [rich, fluffy, creamy Japanese tarts: we’re still dreaming of the Ube tart 💜]

• Wah Fung #1 [roast pork, crispy pork, BBQ pork: treat yourself to it ALL at this super affordable, street-style Chinese food take-out spot on Chrystie]

• @yayatea [saving the plant TEAgether, one bubble tea at a time: visit the friendly crew on Grand & you’ll be part of their socieTEA after trying their filtrated, freshly brewed teas or handmade onigiri 🍙]

Did we miss a local small business that you love? Let us know ⤵️

PS: a huge thank you to all of these suggestions! We had so much fun visiting all of these spots. 🍚#BubbleTeaAddicts


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