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Small Businesses to visit in Nolita:

We love our neighborhood.

This week, we asked our Hit House community what small businesses in our neighborhood mean the most to them. This is what they said:

@bisou.ny [‘modern, original & gorgeously intricate’ manicures at this nail atelier from Japan-born @asami812]

@charleyst [casual coffee & bites from the friendliest Aussie-accented staff]

@eggshopnyc [every egg creation lives up the hype — cute outdoor seating available with @cafeintegral]

@lovelydayny [comforting Thai food with ‘understatedly cool’ owner @kazusaj]

@kingsavetattoo [founded by artist @mikerubendall, expect a waitlist for a piece — right above us, you can sometimes hear the tattoo guns buzzing in the studio]

@mcnallyjackson [independent bookstores because #READ]

@mothersruinnyc [walk down Spring Street & you’ll GET why this local hangout is so fun, plus the best cocktail names you’ve ever heard]

@thaidiner [husband & wife team’s latest Thai expansion brings the neighborhood ‘glorious classics’]

@tendenzajewelry [home to the ‘Donut Ring,’ you’ll see the owners anytime you stop in to admire their custom fine jewelry — take advantage of their hand engraving]

@yourstrulycoffee [nutella lattes, mood mender tea & @haveanicedaycoffee will ensure you do, indeed, have a nice day]

Did we miss a local small business that you love? Let us know in the comments ⤵️


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