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Striking in Style with Samsung

Luxury athleisure brand Alala and premium activewear brand Rhone invited their fitness communities of powerful women and men for a private workout class at Hit House. Some of the athletes got to test drive Samsung's Gear Sport watch during class to track their heart rate, calories burned and performance level.

Class was taught by pro-MMA fighter, former Olympian, fitness author and Pacific Games gold medalist Jennifer Dugwen Chieng: she made them sweat, strike and Superman punch!

Ladies received Alala's new sparkling, star-quality Cosmic bra and tights and men from the Rhone community wore their best-selling 6" Tempo short. These local athletes are instructors for all different kinds of workouts (spin, boxing, yoga, anything and everything!), so they were really able to put these outfits to the test.

All photos are thanks to photographer Amanda Lee.


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