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Working Out While on Vacation

It's totally possible. Both the working out and the travel part. 😉

The one-year mark of the worldwide pandemic and stay-at-home order is fast approaching. From March 2020 to March 2021, we should all be proud that we made it through (mostly sane). The number one thing we are looking forward to? TRAVEL. Doesn't a vacation sound just perfect right about now? We are so ready to visit our dream destination. We consulted travel agent and fitness instructor Amanda Bisack-Caputo (or rather, her alter ego, 'The Chica Travelista') for tips to incorporate fitness while on vacation.

1) Let's start with a BEACH destination. Running, jogging or walking on the beach is a great way to start your day (and sweat out those margaritas from the night before). Also, my favorite place in the world to do yoga is on a beach overlooking a beautiful body of water. Many resorts around the world offer Beach Yoga classes and I HIGHLY recommend taking them. Use that stunning beach that your staying on to your advantage and burn some extra cals!

Amanda walks on the beach in the Bahamas, at the Sandals Resort. Posted with permission from @thechicatravelista.

2) Well.. where there is a beach there is WATER! Did you know that an easy swim burns around 500 calories an hour, while a vigorous effort can torch almost 700? Because water is nearly 800 times denser than air, each kick, push, and pull is like a mini resistance workout for your entire body—especially your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes. (At kickboxing studio Hit House, we know a little bit about kicking. So take a quick hop into that tropical ocean or even the POOL and you’ll feel so great that you did. Speaking about WATER…

Amanda trying out floating yoga at the Unico Hotel in Riveria Maya, Mexico. Posted with permission from @amandabisack.

3) SNORKELING is fun activity in which you can burn loads of calories while admiring the stunning life under water. With or without fins, snorkeling is a whole body workout (just like Muay Thai). Think about it! While snorkeling every movement you make, whether with your arms, legs or back, requires your muscles to push against the resistance of the water.

Amanda snorkeling in Dean's Blue Hole. Posted with permission with's 'Top 10 Snorkeling Destinations.'

4) HIKING! Finally, many vacation destinations have a Tropical Rainforest, Mountains, Temples etc. all of which you can HIKE to for a fun and easy workout. When you really want to learn about a destination hiking is the best way to do it! Hiking brings you close to the land and its people. My advice, if there is a HIKING excursion available at your destination: DO IT!

Amanda hiking in Sedona, surrounded by the magical red rock scenery. Posted with permission from @thechicatravelista.

At Hit House, we love exploring the local studio options and seeing how different cities deliver fitness concepts and workouts. If you are traveling to New York City, please visit us downtown in NoLita. If you are traveling to South Africa, please visit one of the HIIT House SA studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

HIIT House & Switch Playground SA instructor Samantha Ryder pictured outside the Johannesburg studio. Posted with permission from @hiithousesouthafrica.

And remember, no matter where you are traveling or staying, Hit House workouts are always available via Jet Sweat Fitness. You can sweat anywhere, anytime by working out with our on-demand videos, featuring New York City instructors Justin Ng, Tobias Wong, co-founder Tyler Scott and more.

Want more tips for your next adventure? Check out The Chica Travelista blog.


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